March 30, 2013

Amazon bought Goodreads

"Amazon announced Thursday that it will acquire Goodreads, the popular social network for books, for an undisclosed sum." - Mashable

I hope Goodreads' website and mobile app will improve. I know, Amazon is a successful business, but they don't seem to be caring about their looks. I think Goodreads can be refined, even though I already love it as it is. Do you think Amazon will make our Goodread experience better?

February 1, 2013

War is peace in 1984

"'To tell you the truth -' He sat down awkwardly on the bench opposite Winston.
'There is only one offence, is there not?' he said.
'And you have committed it?'
'Apparently I have.'"
1984, George Orwell

Many were recommending George Orwell's "1984". As soon as a picked the book from the library, I started reading. It is a depressing novel, but I forgive the author. He is trying to make us think about the questions we might have found philosophical, irrelevant, too abstract and uninteresting. Now it was imaginary, yet horrifying possibility.

December 21, 2012

Happy New Year!

Wish you all a happy New Year!

While most of us are making year's plans, I will also take time and see how good really the 2012 was for me. Except visiting Georgia, I accomplished all my goals. Honestly, I was not aware of it, till I viewed in my dairy the whole 2012-to-do list. Therefore I am feeling good now, optimistic, that starting from today I have a chance to work on my new goals, and old and new dreams.

Beginning was weird. I had no map of where I was heading. Like Thumbelina I often found shelter, sometimes I was discovered, but at the end I had to keep moving towards my aspirations not caring on what others think I need to be or need to be doing.

Finally, all little arrangements, such as getting a ship and a map, have been made ;) We are heading towards 2013, happy holidays! 
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