January 29, 2010

From The Little Theatre With Big Impressions

I visited Ottawa's little theatre to see "Drinking Alone", a comedy by Norm Foster. Theatre piece is about one middle age man and his whole family. To impress his father Joe decides to hire Rene to perform as a his fiancé. Of course nothing goes as planned and there are many surprises during the family gathering. How we act to hide our dipper and real feelings and we fail to see most obvious things.

Spectacle is very funny. Actors are playing just great. Specially believable and amazing is Jennifer Scrivens. It was my first time in Ottawa's little theatre and performance convinced me to visit them more often. I think I will be quoting actors for a long time. I just loved characters and story itself has very good plot.

Theater often opens our eyes and gives us different and brighter perspectives, so take you warmest coat tomorrow [It will be too cold, as it was today and as it will be day after tomorrow ;) ] and visit them.

More about this spectacle you can read here >> Make sure you aren't too late (running only until 30.01.2010)

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  1. This is a great idea, I haven't seen a play in ages! Anything indoor is a good idea, considering the super cold weather we have been having these last few days.


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