January 5, 2010

OC Transpo Rules: No Babies, No Kids

You may think, that OC Transpo is a public one, but since this winter not everybody is allowed to get on board. Can you guess who are these unlucky group of people whom OC Transpo lets freeze in Canadian winters at the Bus stop? Parents with small children. Today one young lady with new born child couldn't get on bus. It was evening and cold, but three buses in the row denied her getting on board. First thing what mother did, when she entered building of her destination was checking her child, was it frozen or was it all right?!

This new regulation of OC transpo marks once again well what it is, shameless and imoral urban transit service of the City of Ottawa. Why so? To help parents with small children and small children itself are priorities of all societies and organisations. Everywhere people, organisations and businesses know who need help more. These are more vulnerable people such elderly, small kids, people with disabilities etc. Who should know it better then public transportation, who had it difficult in life and needs some extra help. With signs of "Priority Sits" OC Transpo makes wrong impression that 1. they know and 2. they care.

OC Transpo's argument is that 'Bus is full'. My answer to this shameless argument is, that there are many ways to solve such problem. If there was population increase in a city and buses are full, thanks god we don't live in poor countries where whole city is dependent only on one donkey or so. OC Transpo could think adding some more routes or buses (They are paid! It's not offering free service for all!). I don't think letting people to freeze on road is acceptable choice. But ok, let's say there is only one litttle boat on our sinking Titanic... Places on that boat must be in first place reserved for parents with children, children itself and elderly, as I know.

Now, that I am so disapointed about OC Transpo, I remember that there are few other issues I don't like about them:
  1. killing and almost killing many people only in Ottawa because of careless driving
  2. Strike for whole winter in year 2008, which almost stop life in the city
  3. stinking sits, dirty
  4. No auto bus stop names calling system

To save people around us and ourself from injustice from Government, we have Democracy. what should we do to save our society from such immoral decisions of public transportation ... I hope somebody sues them and get's as much money as possible. Why city is leaving people alone with this problem? There must be something done. I don't want to wake up one day and find it ok, that I can use so called public transport, while mother with child is left on the bus stop.

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  1. KhatiaCarolineJanuary 07, 2010

    You are right, I forgot to mention, that price is increasing, but no improvement is visible. Thanks for your comment!


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