January 3, 2010

Shark In My Room

Yesterday I saw a weird night dream. As if a whole room was covered with water. Me and some others were trying to avoid falling in it and same time to stay away from see animals. They were huge and real. We were floating carefully. One of girls accidently dropped my bag in water, she could get it back, but I thought some of the stuff may had fallen in water as bag was not closed. She said she was sorry and I didn't cared as much either, because in water was shark. It has shown up a bit it's nose nearby. We understood that we have to get out quickly from the place, we were seatrain that shark was preparing an attack on us. Some of people could escape, as they were near the door, but me and this other girl, who just dropped my bag, were stuck there. She got panic, I grab her and put her in the edge of room behind me. Neither of us was having chance to survive if this gigantic Shark was really going to eat us, room was quite small ... But I tried to increase her chances. I was calm, because I knew there was nothing else I could do, but just to wait and see what would happen. Suddenly, as if something has exploded below the surface, Shark jumped out of water. I think it wanted to impress and scare it's meal, but clever fish couldn't calculate for some reason, that rooms are not that high as open sky. It went up in the ceiling, or probably ceilings, but I was not going to stay there to check, I grabbed again this girl (she herself was not looking around) and we both left the room as quickly as possible. We could return later, after shark would die in this small area because of jumping and falling, but now we had to escape. When we returned, everything seemed pretty much destroyed, but shark was gone forever and room seemed empty from weird ocean and it's habitants too, so one could start to rebuild.

I don't know why I saw such a dream. Maybe because of I read news last night, that Russia is accusing Georgia of financing terrorists and it made me scared, that actually that means Russia seeks reasons to fight against Georgia. And if so, they would, even without waiting to prove anything. Or maybe global warming makes me think that I should make myself familiar with living in ocean near ocean animals... No idea, but the dream was impressive. I am glad huge fish couldn't get us. That was good to know that we are safe :)

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