January 16, 2010

Step Towards a Goal or a Goal Itself?

Today I read on Civil.ge one article, saying that Georgia will not give up seeking Nato membership. Now I am really confused. Georgians have several goals, but most strong one is unity and security. Both are only possible if Russian army leaves our teritories. While Russia was (and is right now as well) great treat for Georgia, we have to seek alliances elsewhere. Nato membership would offer us security, we hoped. But... if Russia leaves, why we shouldn't offer them instead to give up failed efforts of joining Nato? I thought joining Nato was a step towards our goal and not our dream in first place. It is also to consider, that about Georgia's Nato membership aren't exited countries such Germany and US. At the same time role of Nato is questioned after the end of cold war and NATO itself is trying to please Russia. So in this reality I don't understand why it should be out of question considering making deal with Russia, they out of our country and we out of Nato:

"Tbilisi Mayor, Gigi Ugulava, has strongly denied saying that Georgia would give up its Nato aspirations if Russia withdraws from breakaway regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia."

Maybe it's great step, but I can't get why Georgian politicians should not serve Georgian interests and Saakashvili offers in this matter no explanations why it's good for us to keep our Nato aspiration.

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