January 26, 2010

You Can Think On Your Own

I respect peace in society and respect also feeling of other peoples. I don't want to offend anybody. So I agree, that hate speech is not acceptable. It's not acceptable to discriminate people taking some tricky ways. Soon after I watched Steve's this show (see bellow) in Georgia happened interesting case. Some bloggers took image of our Georgian orthodox patriarch and made him speak in bad language with help of some video editing programs.

I somehow have feeling that case discussed bellow is not one to one same with this one from Tbilisi. Police start criminal case and confiscated computers of bloggers. First time I saw their creation, I dislike it, but I was shocked about reaction from Georgian society. I was not thinking that Georgia would start creating new authority which have to be obeyed condition less. So this case opened my eyes. Do we may have in Georgia llittle Khomeni soon? Again, I heard nothing bad about Georgian patriarch Ilia II and he maybe is really saint and amazing person, but I am against creating Khomeni. I was disappointed, that some in Georgian society shown readiness to do everything for Ilia II.

One always need to keep that golden balance, between freedom of expression and right of others not to be offended and importance of keeping peace in society. I think that challenging Georgian society is the right way, because there are many people who are not fanatical followers of anybody. Peace will be not disturbed, just some will not like this challenge. So soddenly I was supporting something, which I didn't liked originally. I don't want to hear bad language and don't enjoy such videos, but for me it was about making people understand, that we don't need to follow somebody blind. Even if a person is great. What we need is to develop our critical thinking and find truth on our own.

I am not that old, but I remember Ilia II as a child. It was surprising to see how quickly power can grow, but I hope we are not going to become Iran and freedom of expressin will find it's way in our society. God gave us mind to think on our own, he didn't just forgot to took it out ;)

Love this discussion. I agree with guests with most their arguments in this specific contest. Thanks to TVO! :)

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