February 11, 2010

Improve What You Have

I can't help not to write about Google's attempts to create something new out of nothing. I am google fan and would like they succeed and that is the reason I am making thoughts about it. Google wave, buzz, maybe both have some good ideas, but won't work as it's not near to being really useful. And while Google is trying out many different things (which is not itself bad at all), they fail to improve what they already have.

Let's start with Google reader. In the beginning, it was quite a cool way to read, but in a time there was need for some improvements. Wouldn't be great if Google would allow to customize layout for instance? I waited and waited, but as I noticed no sign of change, I switched to netvibis, which is great tool to read many feeds, because you get better chance to overview all new posts. In google you are kind of forced to read in timeline all new posts and you don't get chance to make priorities. So here we see that because of failur to improve, google looses users (at least me).

Orkut - Google's this social network is not so bad as well, it just needs some improvements with group options for example. I would love to use google product despite whether it is popular in one or in another country, but problem is, it don't offers services according to my needs. While they try to make Orkut more for friends chat like, I went for ning, which offers networks to people of same interests. I can chat with friends per e-mail or phone. I don't need social network to get to know my mom :) I do need it for meeting people with same interests for making some projects(mini or great ones;)). Google groups were more near to my needs, but it stayed for ever too primitive while world around has developed. So here again, google already had something, which it failed to develop and loosed user again. Google could either combine orkut's and google groups good points, or simple improve either one or another.

Now google chat and blogger will start loosing users, if google won't understand that new things fall not out of blue sky, but while you work and think towards improving something. I don't understand why Google integrated buzz in gmail (mail is more private space), while they could with little afford make blogger a new social network. I love blogger, but again in time we users come across ideas that things have to be changed. I wonder why Google developers don't think about it. Good example is, how many people went for integrating new comment services of other providers (disqus). Couldn't blogger do the same? Most of us put twitter widgets in our blogger, while Google could integrate friendfeed type of thing or even something similar to wave to it's blogger to make it more 'keep in touch' like space. Now blogger home page is for me personally useless thing ever. Or what about little thing like 'blog it' button for browser. I start using Tumblr, only because their button "Share" is better and easier to use. I just hope I can keep my blogger and time will not take it from me away :)

...shortly, while Google is trying to make something new and new and new again and again and every their product is constantly in "we are still thinking" stage, they miss the point that they got everything normal living person would need, just they have to take afford to improve it and suit to people's needs.

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  1. I kind of agree with you! Some products are cool, but they are not improving... there is a lack of focus!


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