February 11, 2010

My Favorite Chrome Extensions

AdBlock - This extension is removing adds from websites.

Blog This! (by Google) - is helping me to blog something quickly ...actually it should, but because 'blog this' extansion is not good developed yet, I am using it very seldom. Just waiting for new updates and hoping :)

Diigo Web Highlighter and Bookmark - quite useful, that you can add notes to websites and hilight text, add tags, etc.

Google Reader Plus is used to make reading in google reader nicer as possible.

Feedly - sometimes you need better way to read. Feedly is presenting all posts from your subscribed links in magazine style.

In Google Dictionary (by Google) you can type any word right from your browser and it will show you meaning of a word.

Google reader RSS Subscriber - with this button you can subscribe to websites with one click.

Google Share Button - this function is all about sharing information.

Google Translate is usuful for quick translates of whole pages online.

Netvibes Chrome Extension - If you use Netvibes, this button will allow you to add some more feeds to it.

Readability Redux is great way to read. If you are on the website, where you see interesting post, but also thousand other things around it are distracting you from reading, you can click on it and only text with attached photo will be left in your browser.

Translate.Ge online Dictionary - makes it possible to translate English words with one click in Georgian language. Coolest tool ever :)


  1. I love Netvibes (my home page!) and I also use ad block in Firefox. I should test Chrome... but I'm a FF person!

  2. KhatiaCarolineFebruary 13, 2010

    Netvibes is my homepage too :) I didn't like chrome on my old XP, but I like it on new W7. I don't know if there is any good reason for this difference :)


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