February 23, 2010

Olympic Winners of 2010 In Ice Dance

I love watching ice dancing. I myself would love to try, but for now I can only make slipping on ice, with heavy falling on it.

When Meryl Davis and Charlie White, finished their dance today, I was simply amazed. They were stunning. Canadian Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir were just beautiful and briliant. While looking at them, you would forget all about techniques and difficulties of dancing on ice and would enjoy spectacle of love and beauty. They won Gold and made all Canadians proud and happy.

Tessa and Scott are dancing together since they were little kids. They are still very young and have great future and opportunities in front of them. Davis and Charlie won silver and came friendly over to their Canadian friends to congratulate. These moments were extremely lovely, a celebration of professionalism and of good personalities.

P.S. I will add to this post their videos, as soon as they are available on youtube.


  1. I watched it too... so graceful!

  2. KhatiaCarolineFebruary 24, 2010

    I missed Georgian team. They became Nr.22, but I was interested to see. Now have to wait for somebodies youtube updates :/ :)


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