February 6, 2010

Torture with Smile

I was watching reportage from Georgia about rights of Journalists and about the question, if there is any limit to it. Discussion is very interesting, all in Georgian though. I just wanted to highlight one case guests were discussing about and this is rights of children, how media can treat them? as journalist please? Just in order to improve their rating... anything?

You probably all remember, that in 2008 there was a war between Russia and Georgia. Georgian region Gori, where 4-years old kid lived was destroyed as well. He saw horrible images and after that his behavior has changed very negatively. Kid don't speak at all. One TV show invited him and his whole family, which is his mother and brother to remember the happenings. I was surprised, that mother agreed to bring her children, but when I looked at her face, my astonishment has vanished. She looks kind, but uneducated lady from village, who can't really figure out what this 'remembering' for her kids may mean.

First host of the program starts talking to 4 years old, asking him some questions about the war to remind Georgian audience how horrible time we went trough ... tortured this small boy with her kind and lovely voice about how pity she is what has happened to him and that now everything will be fine. She seems wanting from kid some horrible scenes he can manage to remember and tell, something dramatic for her audience. I couldn't know what to do with my anger, how could I go back in time and space and shout to this lady, that she should just shut up and ... and then when I thought there couldn't be anything worse, I was told, that they made 4 years old kid watch on bright screen slide show of photos "Memories of the War". Audience is applauding in video and nobody cares that small Niko has been psychically tortured if not physically too as he may had during the program physical pane as well. I just wonder why Niko have to be tortured second time? Was war not enough pane for this little kid to deal with? images of dead bodies trapped in buildings etc. And why Georgian journalist think that there is no limit to their freedoms. They need some education and please leave for them some information or educational links about the theme, so in future they wont post anything they wish just to improve their rating (They do understand English better then me and have Internet access as well)

Watch in this video from minute 10:10 to 12:54

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