February 24, 2010

Understand Afghanistan

Really, to tell the truth, I've read many articles, many opinions, so many news reports ... I don't understand anything about Afghanistan. Problem is that even official policy, official explanations stays mysterious for me.

This interview on TVO with Malalai Joya is very interesting. I think there is a lot of truth in it. Why would it be all about bringing democracy in Afghanistan, when there are many undemocratic countries and nobody seems to bother so much. I think there must be some other reason to send army somewhere, but I can't see any profit for western countries of being there either. There are so many victims. Is this 'project' worth? Will it ever be successful if 'bringing democracy in Afghanistan' costs many death on our side, creates unjust in country and hinders power of people, as we hear from Malalai ... I wish somebody could explain me Afghanistan and what it is all about. What's really going on.

President Obama promised Taliban members help if they would change the side... I wounder how many poor people will call themselves Taliban only to gain this new privileges. And why not to invest all this money which needs military to educational and development projects? This both would help to reintroduce peace to Afghanistan I guess, wouldn't it? Or what Chechen fighters are doing in Afghanistan? Are they send from Russia? Or on their own? Why?

Mysterious case.

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  1. I don't see why "we" should bring democracy in Afghanistan, especially considering our brand of democracy may not fit all countries. It seems a bit colonial to me... I believe in human rights but do we really think of people's best interests here, or of our own interests?


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