February 20, 2010

The White Ribbon

I suggest you to watch the film "The White Ribbon" even though I know, it will brake your heart. Film is very powerful lesson about importance of freedom in our lives. It is about how bad thinks can happen if society is too much authoritative and not free. One need not only freedom to be free, but also some courage and sometimes even bravery I think, but it's worth. We in Canada now have freedom. Unfortunately it was not granted to children of one German village, nor to an adults in old time. New teacher, our story teller left, moves there to teach in the school and falls in love. No, film is not about it, but about society. Teacher shares with us everything he heard or saw with his own eyes. "The white Ribbon" wants to show reasons of terrorism, brutality and violence, probably also reasons of wars.

What would you do if you were living somewhere, where unjust, envy, brutality and violence are dominating? You would probably leave ... if there was no other chance and of course if you could. This was what one feudal lady did. But she returns back home, because she feels obligated towards her husband to do so. Soon she wants to leave again. Lady tries to explain this to her spouse, but unfortunately he can't understand her. Instead he is interested, if she had sex with some guy abroad. I love these scene. I thought, that it's wrong to return back from place where you feel great to place where you feel horrible. And additionally one shouldn't feel obligated to people who bully you and make you unhappy. We are born to find our happiness and to be free. Freedom shouldn't make us feeling bad about ourselves. We shouldn't be longing back to prison. Go, be free and enjoy the place where people share respect and love, I thought. Not everybody got a chance of having possibility to leave and find happiness. I was angry, that lady returned to her husband who was treating her like a dog. But it probably happens. She goes and drinks.

Then there was another lady, who loved a bastard. I am not asking why it happens, it happens, but I wonder why people love to become slave of 'love'. Overcome, don't loose your mind, be strong. Don't let somebody to harm you. Overcome! Don't let somebody to treat you badly. Change your mind and take control over your heart if it's necessary...Don't become, what others want you to be. Don't believe, what they think you are. Be who you are, who you want to be...and there is even chance in life while you live to recreate yourself. Isn't it great? Just we need to use the chance. I was angry here too, but it was not first and last opportunity. In film there were many scenes to get angry, to feel sorry, to be horrified...

Before first world war you know there was less freedom for children then it is today. They had to obey and even sometimes serve adults and there seemed no way out. Some adults are bulling, they are violent. For instance villages priest was hitting his kids. One of his sons was usually tied to bed (meant to be upbringing method :?). In one scene smallest son of priest asks him for allowance to keep injured bird. Priest asks, if he is ready to leave bird free, once it recovers. At the end, he let's his son to be "mother and father of a bird". After father's own bird in cage is dead and he seems upset, his little son brings now healthy bird in cage in his office to cheer him. I think it is very symbolic scene. In my opinion scene says, that father wanted to keep souls unhealthy and in cage, so he could always 'heal' his prisoners. And he didn't really want to have healthy souls around, not to have to let them free.

Whole society in film is very weird. Looks like, human can't become weird alone, we always have company. All in this village see and know 'little' things that happens around, but nobody wants to speak out, change or stand against unjust and against brutality. Adults seem all like these three monkeys who see nothing, hear nothing and talk nothing. Kids are taught to be the same. Obeying to suffer, obeying to be prisoner, letting unjust to happen, letting kids or others to suffer is what happens in this film.

I noticed also that man are ruling the time (before world war I). I think that many things wouldn't happen if women could balance society with their power. Feminism is very important... Generally we should all defend our freedoms and not let it slip away! But if you are reading this post from a country, where women still don't have same rights as men does, or your society isn't happy one, too much violence or bad accidents happening all the time, there's no freedom of speech, then watch the film and it will motivate you for change. Film shows that even worth is on it's way (Fascism, wars, terrorism) if your society don't act for change. And change is possible, just usually there is luck of will.

Film is mysterious and ends mysteriously. I know, it will long keep me thinking about different issues... Share your thoughts with me. It's interesting to know, what others think, because it takes us in different perspectives.

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