February 13, 2010

World Comes Together

It was wonderful to see how whole world came together at the Olympics 2010 in Vancouver. I love idea of brotherhood, unity, peace and love. I was proud that in world we people do not only wars, but also peaceful gatherings. I was proud to celebrate being (new-)Canadian, being Georgian and being part of whole world. Canada made fascinating welcome. I was happy that I am becoming part of Canada which respects Natives, Anglophones, Francophones and all other people of their own and of other countries.

But I was heartbroken too, because of tragedy of Nodar Kumaritashvili. Georgia is a small country and it is my family. Nodar's death was to me as of my family members. Many other people were feeling same way and sorry. I received condolences and supportive words from my Canadian and other friends. Thank you all!

I don't think somebody thought that something like this would happen. What I think is that this place was gap in safety. Nothing can help now to Nodar, but I am glad wall is increased.

Kumaritashvili was approved for Olympic games. To say that this incident was his mistake, makes no good sense. If really so, then mistake was also to admit a person for the game who may make mistake which would cost him or her a life. I think way of trying blaming sides is wrong. And right is that all sides realize their own responsibilities and take care of sportsmen. All sides should look for gaps in area of their responsibility and solve the
problems before something horrible happens. Does it make seance to say: whoever is not going to win gold, we don't care even if they die? Of course at the same time sportsmen know that there is always risk factor, but organizers are there to reduce risk of death. And avoiding tragedy was possible in this case. This situation speaks for itself. Things are now fixed. Too late for Nodar and his family. I think when other sportsmen were having problems and incidents, somebody should have taken some majeres.

"On Thursday, Team USA luger Megan Sweeney had a nearly identical crash in training. Like Kumaritashvili, she double looped the curve."

Now some sportsman say, that they liked track the way it was, because they don't fear, but I don't think world and audience would like to see in Olympics people dieing. Maybe there are many out there to play gladiators, but we don't want that to see. My point is security mejers have to be taken. Sportmen still have challenge to be fastest and strongest.

President Micheil Saakashvili announced that government is thinking on building a new track in the name of Nodar Kumaritashvili in Bakuriani. Saakashvili thinks that no sports mistake is supposed to lead to a death and that the wall should have been higher. He also noted:

“Nodar was a very actively progressing sportsman. The last result (he had) was No. 12 in the last official training."

I wish everybody safe and happy Olympics!


  1. I wrote a letter to president Saakashvili expressing my deepest condolences and sympathy from Canada.

  2. I was very shocking and very sad... nobody should have died on the track. Did the team decide to stay or did they withdraw?

  3. KhatiaCarolineFebruary 15, 2010

    Thank You Stanislav!

    Team Georgia stays. They all want to dedicate their games to Nodar. I would do the same. Only one person is withdrawing. He is Nodar's classmate as I heard, however they are grown in same town and they both were in same sport. So I have understanding and respect to his decision to withdraw and go back to family.


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