March 18, 2010

Confidence and Belief

TV channel Imedi's film-news not only scared people, but also arose the question, what was it all about? writes:

Again, to call the decision to air the simulation in the way that it did a poor one is a massive understatement, but it doesn’t mean that the manufactured version of events aren’t a very real, and scary possibility.

I think there are not only many scary possibilities, but also scary realities. Why Georgian journalists want to make film-news-tragedy about their vision of destroyed Georgia. Was it meant to be propaganda movie, to rise the masses and their desire to participate in war? Georgia and Georgians learn from the experience. Which steps, exactly, are being taken to properly prepare for such a contingency as that? Ambassadorial protests aside, [4] is there any evidence that Western countries are taking note of the fact that events are all too possible and that, yet still, there are very few real mechanisms for Georgia’s allies (“allies” ?) to prevent new Russian incursions?

First, I don't think Imedi's movie production will ever make changes in western countries foreign policies. Second, this not-very-well-thought movie even discourages Georgians to defend their country, putting in their eyes and brain, that they will lose. Imedi TV failed not only to follow the law, respect Georgians, but also failed to make good propaganda movie.

As of today, Georgia remains under a de facto arms embargo. As of today, the Euro-Atlantic community has failed to provide Georgia with any formal pathways to integration into defensive structures. As of today, Russia’s posture in the Caucasus remains aggressive and militaristic.

Yes, this is reality! And thats why Georgian Government must be working towards growing confidence and believe of Georgians in themselves and in their country. This won't happen in the way our officials think.

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