March 12, 2010

Hairstylist's choice

I went today with photo of hairstyle I wanted, to hairdresser at Riccioli. I wished haircut like this:

Hair stylist looked at it before starting working on my hair, then she looked at it again and again. I hoped she got what she had to do. But at the end I got haircut like this:

Ok, I can try to not to be disappointed and not to kill myself because of this horror on my head, but why some hairstylist can't respect clients choice. I'll never go there ever again.


  1. Well well well, I went to the best saloon in town in hope to get what I wanted. At the end of the day I got a scar on my head (she did not make it on purpose ;) and I had something like plastic curls instead my natural waves, she put too much product on my head which I do really hate and I do not really need it!!! The moral of the story is that all that glitters is not gold :)) I wont be looking for a very expensive hairdressers again, the ordinary ones can do better job in less price.

  2. I hope it will not take long to find right place. Actually my best friend was doing great job, I turst her and she is just great, but she isn't working as hairdresser and I don't know how long I could bother her with my hair :) so now I'm looking for "someone" :)

  3. Yup, I think I have been there and I didn't like it.

    Try my salon, it's called Boss Arts: They are really nice and I'm happy with my cut everytime I leave. Which is rare! They are located right besides the main library, at Laurier and Metcalfe.


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