March 26, 2010

Looking Back At Eurovision and In History

If you look for something, you find it ... or you'll find something else. I was searching for something complacently different and came acroos the video, showing German performance at Eurovision in year 1979.

The show is so funny and ridiculous at the same time. I laughed a lot. But when I think on Chingiz Khan, I imagine Georgia emptied from people, killed women, men and children, rivers of blood ...then I wonder ... weird!

Author of the video offers interesting description to the video, but somehow I don't share his positive emotional attachment to the song:

Well, does this classic need any introduction? Inspired by Boney M's "Rasputin", this is an immensely catchy and entertaining song and performance (love the part with Genghis grabbing the girls) and one of the brightest spots in ESC stalwart Ralph Siegel's impressive catalogue. No wonder why the crowd loved it!

And a bit of info: the multi-ethnic group was put together by Siegel especially for this performance, and they followed this huge hit with similar style hits such as "Moskau" and "Sahara". Surprisingly, they're still performing today, although sadly two of their members have passed away: Louis Hendrik Potgieter (the guy dressed as Khan) from AIDS in 1993, and Steve Bender (the bald one) from cancer in 2006. Also, the song caused reactions in Israel at the time, since to a few Israelis the idea of the Germans singing in Jerusalem about a famous conqueror and alleged mass murderer brought painful allusions to the Holocaust (though, judging from the big reception for this performance, there were also quite a few who didn't really mind).

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