March 14, 2010

Micheil Saakashvili & His Team On Sale

What you hope for, if you treat citizens of your country as experimental rats?

On 13th March pro-governmental TV channel "Imedi" (Hope) told to Georgians in a daily news, that they were occupied. Russian tanks were shown standing near Tbilisi, President Saakashvili was missing, Georgian cities were shown bombed, people killed and injured. On this daily news was not visible, that it was all fake. This bad joke made many people suffer. Some have their children in the army, some have parents or other relatives in the cities, which were shown on the screen in fires and destroyed.

People in the villages bordering South Ossetia started evacuating women and children. Gori residents headed into the streets and cars lined up at petrol stations. People started calling their friends and relatives, a hospital in Senaki was evacuated and Georgians in Akhalgori were reportedly expecting bombardmens. People trampled on each other while fleeing from a movie premiere at Rustaveli Cinema in Tbilisi.

Number of calls to 03 emergency service in Tbilisi skyrocketed within minutes. “Children developed cramps from watching the video and a number of cases of fainting were reported,” Interpressnews quoted emergency service officials as saying. A pregnant woman reportedly miscarried a baby after watching the program.

People were outraged because of this incident. Georgian bloggers were writing a lot, how horrible they felt, how bad others around them were feeling. Georgian Officials also made announcements. Among them,

President Saakashvili sent his Press Speaker Manana Manjgaladze to make a statement there. Manjgaladze said that media is free and journalists have freedom of speech but they are to comply with certain standards, and the channel should have posted a warning during the program that the video was fake.
Of course nobody could justify, what TV station "Imedi" has done. However there is still long way to justice.

First I thought, fault was only irresponsible journalism, but some developments make me think, that behind this "This will happen with you soon" is something more. Here's what I researched online and add it to my previous knowledge. At the beginning "Imedi" TV was oppositional. Later director-general of this TV channel became Giorgi Arveladze, person close to Saakashvili. Now though, President Saakashvili makes clear for Georgians, that despite his self-declared love to justice and democracy, despite his love to rule of law, Georgians must be satisfied with creeping line on TV station saying sorry. This seems to him enough. Aditionaly people close to Saakashvili seem to want to give the issue different direction. They highlight, that things shown on TV can really happen. They want to show it's 'positive' side "this is good, you'll be ready for reality". Then they judge people by the behavior in that moments. According to them all men and women in Georgia despite their age, profession or ability, must have taken weapons and shown their readiness to fight. Such a shame they suffered, they think. People, who blame regular citizens for their natural reactions, forget how radical himself Saakashvili's reaction was to the real war.

This makes me think, that all this drama was dress rehearsal for few people from government. Further, the incident and arguments of very pro-government people make me worry, that they want to make Georgia war zone and further destabilize the country. I hoped our government was spending time to bring stabilization, but it seems I was wrong.

by the way, in any other civilized country, institutions would start to work and react by itself, when something or somebody violates law, rules and regulations, but we in Georgia still lean on will of Imperators and authorities. So Tomorrow will show, what our government is going to do. Do they want justice?

And now back to the question, what you hope for, if you treat citizens of your country as a objects of an experiment...Saakashvili is on sale from my side.

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