March 4, 2010

My Name Is Khan

My Name Is Khan - 2
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New film "My name is Khan" is Indian way of telling a story. In the first three minutes, I gave up fighting my emotions and started weeping. I stopped sobbing at the end of the film, that happened nearly two and a half hours later.

The movie is about a person named Khan, who grown up in India and now lives in U.S. He is a devout Muslim. After the tragedy of 9/11, some people started building stereotypes against Muslims. This wave of unkindness also hits Khan's family. He himself learned long ago from his mother, that there is good man and bad man... and no other difference between humans, no other. Khan doesn't answer violence with violence. He's choice was to be a good man and he does the right things. This stays not unnoticed.

“My name is Khan” is nice film. Good thing about Indian film is that it brings in any complicated story light and it becomes so obvious what’s good and what is bad, what is right to do and what's not. It is bad thing about Indian films too. But sometimes we do need that simplicity and clarity, especially than, when it brings understanding of each other and peace in society.

I am so glad, that Kajol was chosen for the main role. She is my favourite actress from India. She is not an artificial person. Kajol is simple, her eyes shine kindness and she is always so natural. Khan is always in blockbuster Indian movies, isn’t he? So I was not shocked, that he was chosen for this film too. He does actually great job. I want to mention Obama as well. Person playing him, doesn't resemble him at all, but brings exactly Mr.Obama’s spirit across. Unbelievable!

You can go to watch this film without worry, not everyone was weeping there. Indeed, it was only me, who left cinema with a lot of tears in the eyes. I cried for good moments as well as bad one. Everything was touching, even some ridiculous things. And if you watch the movie, I promise, you will see some things probobly differently and hopefully you will be able to pronounce the combinations of letter 'KH' in my first name 'Khatia' as well. It’s a little pain :)

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  1. So, how do I pronounce your name? ;-)

    I was wondering what was the movie about, thanks for the review.


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