March 28, 2010

Political Failed Advertising

When you come across website of conservative party, you will think that it is a page of a cartoonist, who is obsessed with Mr. Ignatieff.

I am not well versed with Canadian politics, but I know what I think about this page. Almost 80 percent of it, is taken by liberal leader Mr. Ignatieff.

First, I was confused, where exactly I was. I scrolled through the page up to make sure, I was on the website of Tories. There is only header as a reminder We are family, We are conservatives.

But it's ironic to display what liberals can't do, and right there in the right side, what conservatives manage: to play and sing. Not very promising!

Why would you do it to yourself? :) ...Politics is fun, a lot of fun until there is no harm ;) :)


  1. I also get annoyed by their website because nothing is translated to French (or when it is, the translations are very poor). Yes, I work on Parliament Hill, which is why I often visit their websites for quotes and such ;-)

  2. I see. Wish you luck to fish there some interesting quotes and nice content :) Are you in conservative party?

    P.S. Oh, I hope one day I can speak French too :)


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