March 25, 2010

Russian Aircraft Has Fun At Flying

I am used to news of flying Russian aircrafts over our country. I know, that Russian military plains have fun flying over foreign territories. At the same time Russian politicians have fun accusing neighbors in having hallucinations. So, I don't find anything shocking in todays news on CNN:
Rare photos of Russian strategic bomber jets purportedly intercepted in British airspace show Moscow's war machine is becoming increasingly bold, analysts said Thursday as Russia denied any territorial violations.

Not a nice incident, but sounds pretty harmless.

One year ago I wrote on my blog, that in Georgia situation in such cases are a little different. Russian aircrafts allow them self to have 'more fun'. Now it's a little quite there. It seems their strategic bombers have today more interest in other foreign countries, such is Canada and now Britain too:

"This is not an unusual incident, and many people may be surprised to know that our crews have successfully scrambled to intercept Russian aircraft on more than 20 occasions since the start of 2009," Wing Cdr. Mark Gorringe, of the RAF's 111 Squadron, said in a statement.

I have heard all kind comments about this type incidents, that "it's normal and happens" or that "it's unbelievable and very dangerous". However to bring arguments closer together, I think we get this opinion:
Experts say regardless of the exact flight paths, the increased sorties by Russian aircrafts in international airspace show Moscow is flexing its muscles as it re-emerges as a global military player.
In CNN's article is also mentioned, that since 1990s Russia is wasting more and more money on their arm forces. This is not a secret, as President Putin often shows his desire to have greatest army. I don't know why.

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  1. I really dislike Putin, he looks like a real bully. Him having a bigger army worries me.


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