March 27, 2010

Welcome Emotions In Politics?

Human beings have emotions and everywhere they go, their emotions follow them. We say sometimes that somebody is emotional, but mean, that person is irrational. I think it's not the same.

Of course being emotional can bring you to irrational decision, but I think it can cause the opposite too. For me discussion on TVO-Agenda is a little too long and less interesting than I expected. I think emotionless people have nothing to do in field of public policies. How he or she can know what people wish, what impact their policies will have on peoples lives, which is full of emotions and mostly all about emotions.

By the way emotions give you energy to do something, to make changes, which involve a lot of work. But to reach goals one need rational thinking. Without passion and emotion energy won't be created to make the things move. I have the impression, that some politicians in Canada have not real passion, no emotional connection and even not clear goal, so no wonder that people don't feel connected with them.

I'm so passionate and emotional about politics and so relaxed and cool in private life, because political questions are greater and has high impact on our private lives. On my private life I have control with less effort.

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