March 13, 2010

When The Place is Blown, Where You Build Your Country ...

Human casualties are becoming a daily issue in Pakistan. Almost daily, bombs are blown and innocent people are killed. Most of the time there are random victims, attacked in market, schools, near a hospital, or even police stations. However, most vernerable are individuals working in non-governmental organisation, to develop and help ordinary Pakistanis.

Whoever supports this violence, is not only evil, but also ignorant and blind. Such people claim that they are fighting foreign forces, but the only thing they battle is their own development and prosperity. Some even don't get, that within one country, there are different powers. If something else is unclear, this one must be obvious, that development NGOs such as Rise International or World Vision, working for the development of Pakistan, investing their resources there, aren't and can't be occupants or treger of danger for country's freedom or whatever...And by the way, how can one kill its own people and blow own country in the name of defending it? Such a nonsense!

I am writing this post, because I hear sometimes weird views from some people on this vital issue, for instance "This is not our war, it is an American war thrusted on us" Blah Blah... When the very place is blown, where you sit, it's most probably your problem. Or Comments like: "Oh, somebody was killed? Oh, did they work for the U.S.? I get it now." First, who is working with foreign organizations, doesn't mean that they are serving foreign interests or following the so called foreign (negative) agenda. Second, there are never good reasons for human casualties and also this one can't serve as a justification for the cruel activities of a few fanatics who has hijacked the whole religion.

Last year four people: three women and their driver, were martyred in daylight in northwest Pakistan. Police said, this tragedy was a random criminal act of an angry husband, but I believe that team, working with Rise International was targeted due to their developmental activities. They were returning from their work back home with the organisation van, when they were encountered and murdered on spot. Now the six employees of World Vision were brutally killed in the same area of district Manshera, Northwest Frontier Province of Pakistan. The only reason behind this heinous crime by this fanatic group seems to be destroying Pakistan and making the life of ordinary Pakistans' as tragical as possible.

Insurgent groups must stop targeting humanitarian agencies, national and international attempts to bring aid and assistance to poor people of Pakistan.

Why someone wants to scare and even eliminate all brave men and women, who want to dedicate their life and energies to this country ... I simply have no clues.

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