April 17, 2010

Do You Wear Uniform At Work?

Today I was thinking what I would wear, if I would care. I don't mean one piece of cloth or clothes, I was thinking about whole outfit. I realized that things I'm wearing now would no longer be in my wardrobe if I only had enough money, time and if I would think it's ok to invest energy in it, instead of something else and better. It was interesting to think: "what if". Today I let my thoughts flow in this direction. I was courious about my real style...

When I saw myself in my mind in my new outfit, which I would love to have ... Questions followed: Could I go like that at work? I don't think so. Would my husband be ok with it? I don't think either. So if I wear cloth, which I wouldn't wear by my choise, that means I wear uniform, right? Then I was wondering how many people wear it? When is my time? I mean when I can put on cloth I would like? On weekends? in Summer? one day? some day? :)

I'm not fashion girl, but I want to be me too. Maybe it's possible to balance between what you want to wear, what you can wear and what people want you to wear. Let's see.


  1. When I was teaching, the dress code was pretty informal, even clean jeans were okay. But the place I now work at has a strict dress code... men wear shirt & tie every day, even on Friday. A lot of women wear these pencil skirts and high heels.

    I'm a bit more casual but I admit I miss my jeans.

  2. What you were teaching? French?


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