April 20, 2010

Listening & Smiling

My third video is on YouTube. Actually it is my very first composition. I was around eight when it came unexpected to me. It was a shock for me. I never imagined I could ever compose something. It was my first year in piano school and everything seemed so difficult. This Composition came all at once to me. Without trying to write something, I just played it. It was so easy.

It is very simple, but this melody is very special for me, because it was last time when I remember my father being happy.

To send me to piano school was my mom's decision. But in teaching me, my father was the best. He didn't know to play himself. However he was very patient and encouraged me to practice, while everybody else wanted only results (specially my distressed teacher). Me and my Dad sat together at a piano and had fun. He was improvising, me too. We were deciding/guessing HOW to play. I had best marks, when my father was helping me. Neither of us really cared for marks, but they just did happen.

After he was killed in a war, many things had changed, but this melody brings him again near to me. I see him sitting near me, listening and smiling. I love to see him being happy.

Later I forgot all following 9 compositions I wrote at the same age, but this one is tattooed in by brain! :)


  1. xatia, es aris supta soundtrack music. me girchevdi rom vinmes shestavazo

  2. ninogabetsadzeApril 21, 2010

    Fabulous!!! Can not express how much impressive is the melody and the story about composing it. I am sure your dad would be proud of you :) God bless him.

  3. I just listened to your composition and am very touched, Iiked the way you played it, and also felt that it was so special to you, like you said - it reminded you of your father when he was happy. Brava. Thank you for posting it.

  4. Thank you all for your comments. Right now I'm trying to learn Beethoven's Moonlight sonata. Once learned, I will upload results :) and same time some melodies of mine too.

    These two month will be too busy for me, means less time for hobbies.

  5. არ ვიცი ლევან. მე ძაან კი მომწონს ყველაფერი რაც ჩემთანაა დაკავშირებული :) მაგრამ ყველას ეგრე არ მოვწონვარ :) ჯერ მართლა საგიჟეთ სიტუაციაში ვარ ჩემი თავის რეკლამისთვის საკმარისი დრო არ მრჩება. იმედია ერთ-ორ თვეში ჩვეულ რეჟიმს დავუბრუნდები ... თუ კიდე არ დამაწინაურეს :D

    მადლობა, შენგან ეგეთი კომენტი დიდი პატივია! :)


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