April 15, 2010

Where Are You From?

I have nothing against talking about my origins, but sometimes we all dislike the question "Where are you from?". This happens, when people want to pin you in their mind world map, file you in folder ...

Once one lady said, that we could answer on this question we were from Mars. I loved the idea. Because it shows that we are also Earthians and we are viewed sometimes as Aliens :)

Will I never ask people where they are from? I don't think so. Will they never ask me where I am from? Of course they will. Honestly, I have peace with a question, only sometimes attitude behind this question is bothering and this is when people want to look through their glasses of stereotypes, that's all.

Moustafa Bayoumi writes wonderfully about this question. Don't miss chance to read it.


  1. I like knowing where people are from, mostly because I'm curious and because Canada is such a multicultural country. I also like to know which province people are from.

    People do ask me occasionally, much less these days though. I guess I'm too canadianized!

  2. I agree.

    Few years ago when my daughter was in 1st grade we had a birthday party for her and she invited whole class. On invitations I asked parents to confirm the presence of their child ( so I would be prepared accordingly). I got a call from one mom who said: '' My son got invitation for bday party.'' I said: ''Yes, we'll be happy if he comes'' to what she replied '' And where are you from???''.

    I got so angry, in one second. Just like you I have no problems with where I came from, with my origin or anything like that. But I thought that her question and the way she asked was inappropriate. So I told her: '' Will you decide if your son comes based on where I came from? What is the difference? It's birthday party for kids!!!'' She did not expect me to react this way and she said they will come. But of course they never showed up.


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