April 10, 2010

While I'm Falling

Veronica is a student. Her parents are getting divorce and suddenly in her life too everything goes wrong: she makes mistakes and seems lost.

Other personages are interesting as well: Mother, who looses almost everything after divorce, father, who can't understand why comfort of past had to be destroyed. Sister, who put all her time in her law study and work just to became a housewife. Old friend, who has changed her identity and character and now lives as totally somebody else. But life is chance of everything unacceptable. As it goes on, things change.

I find this book of Laura Moriarty so lovely. It teaches human kindness, makes as understand others around us better, makes us able to see fears, interests and feelings of our friends and relatives, maybe even of our owns.

I loved reading this book. It shows how some of our difficulties are sometimes best resolutions of real problems in our life.

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