May 23, 2010

Eurovision 2010

Again Eurovision time. Of course I'm not fan, I will not watch finals and semifinals, but for sure I checked once all songs.

This year my favorite song on Eurovision comes from Armenia. Don't ask me why, I just like it and for sure will keep on listening it time after time. I love in the song our traditional elements, I love Asia in West, Caucasus. Nothing moves my soul more than our drams, our other traditional instruments and sounds. Lyric of the song is very creative and inspiring.

I like song from Azerbaijan, but ...lyric. Already at the start "You are my man" made me dislike it. Yes, there are some famous songs starting the same way, but at least there is mention of "And I am your ladyyyyy" :) Equality. I don't want to share the idea, that somehow a woman has to wait and suffer. Whatever, it's not my topic. I can't sing it.

The song reminds me at some point Alicia Key (sec 0:40, 1:10). It is a good song, just wish the lady had something else to say. Something more important, something more inspiring then lipsticks on her husband's chicks.

Georgia's Song "Shine" is nice too. She reminds me too much of Celine Dion. Very beautiful melody and performance, just I'm not Celine Dion's fan somehow. I only like maybe some of her songs ... sometimes. However, I must admit, neither Celine nor Sofia are bad singers because of it. Song is powerful, lyrics is interesting and Sofia sings quite well. I wish professional her, luck too! Live performance can make big difference, because not everybody can sing as good as they can record songs. I am sure Sofia will deliver a good performance.

Now shortly about other countries Eurovision song contest.

Belgium's song is not bad, easy to hear and easy to forget.

Bosnian song, not my favorite.

Denmark reminds me Brain Adams and 90s.

Everything calculated? Germany is trying this year to win hearts of teenage girls. The Spiegel plays with idea, that she could indeed win. This song is way better than song from Germany on Eurovision in 79, there is some fun and entertainment in it, but ...

Greek's song starst actually on second minute ... Does it have something to do with saving?

Israel is Europe, where is Palestine?

Russia's song is a ...suffered Russia's soul? :) Who's photo is he looking at? Oh, my God, what have you done with him? :) I wish he had never seen that photo. Yes, here you are lost and forgotten and right, you have to forget... Russia had nice musicians, I can't explain what happened with them.

OK that's all, rest you can watch on the homepage of Eurovision >>

As a conclusion, listening them all, I must say, that our south Caucasian ladies are doing good job and hopefully they win and make us happy! This year must be ours!


  1. Not bad indeed! I have to check France's.

  2. And? Do you like France's song?


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