May 28, 2010

Eurovision Singers, Rising Stars?

No, I am not selfish, but busy life is not giving me enough time to research fate of all candidates of Eurovision 2010, as their official website is also a little bit confusing. However I do know, that Sofia, Eva and Sefura are in final and they really were my only favorites.

Often a live performance changes the cards. All three are good, but Sofia is shining as a professional. Watch yourself:

One doesn't need to be a singer to know, that dancing and singing at the same time is a difficult job. Movements can 'shake' your voice, you may loose concentration. But do you think on mistakes, when you watch Sofia? It is a wonderful performance, so clear tones and voice.

Eva's song seemed to me at first recorded version more powerful, but here it is still... nice.

However with her singing, magic of her song and ideas of the song's lyric is somewhere lost. I don't know why or how.

Problem of lyrics become more noticeable on the stage. Sad, because singer has a good voice and is very confident on the stage. By the way, doesn't seem to you a moment, where Sefura sings "for this" and shakes her hand, ridiculous? funny.

My favorite this time among my favorites is Sofia, but tomorrow will decide, who is Europe's favorite. Wish you ladies luck!

PS. Looking them makes me think, what happens with all Eurovision singers? Where are they after the final is over? Some get lost, but hopefully we also will see some rising talents.

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  1. ninogabetsadzeMay 29, 2010

    Yes, Khatia I just noticed that funny hand movement from Sefura :)) and I think she is singing ok but artistic performance is not natural, Sofia is great, she used to sing in musicals and has sweet voice.


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