May 15, 2010

Useful Apps For iPhone

Yes, I got it too. Not an iPhone, but an iTouch and they are almost exactly the same, except, that I can use only skype as a phone and at the same time I have no monthly fees to pay.

First I was skeptical about this new gadget. Later, when I almost occupied my husband's iTouch, I realized, I needed my own one.

For what I need it?

checking e-mail box became even easier. I don't need to sit at my desk for all kind of e-mails and I can answer my friends quickly from my mailbox wherever I'm. If I am sick with fever, I don't need to get up, as a little iTouch can stay easily near.

Calendar & Address Book
As it also has a calendar and an address book, I don't need to have with me all the time my heavy agendas etc. My day planner and contact informations became easy accessible. Good thing is, that you can import data to your iPhone from your outlook or an E-mail.

Weather & Maps
It's handy to have information about weather and locations at hand. Sometimes I get lost in my city and my map is as Edward Collins rescuing me ;)

Timer & Calculator
When I need to set time, or calculate how much I need to earn and waste, these timer- and calculator- assistants have answers for me.

Memos & Notes
iPhone has it's own notebook, but I like more aNote from awesome notes for to do lists. For longer Texts I find Notebooks 2.6 more useful. There you can create notebooks and each can have many notes. I have one notebook for creative writing. There I keep ideas, what I call creative (you may not). Another notebook is more like a dairy.

Voice Memos, already available in iPhone, allows you to record ... obviously your voice memos. You can view all your records later and if you click on your record, it will play you your soundtrack. Bellow, in the left corner, you can see share/answer button. If you click on it, it will give you chance to send it to your or somebody else's e-mail.

On the next page I added to a home screen my online mail, calendar, tasks, maps, photos, google translator, google reader, friendfeed, buzz, twittie, Gtalk and Skype. Most of you probobly know for what I need each, but if you have any questions for what they are useful, don't hesitate to ask.

My next page in itouch is dedicated to learning. Everybody has different skills to improve. My first priority is to improve my English. As I said, poor knowledge of language feels sometimes as a disability and is humiliating.

Speak English Dictionary - Lexisgoo version 4.0
is Best tool for everybody who needs English. You can quickly search for words. If you click on it, link will take you to a definition. There you can see also synonyms, antonyms and all different context where you could use it. One can even listen to a pronunciation, mark some words as a favorite and add own comments to it. Really amazing!

This dictionary has build-in Google translator. It offers also sharing possibilities (e-mail) and design is simple and nice. Under the "more" you can find even more. I just love it.

Grammar Up
Great for making some grammer tests in bus, while waiting, while going to sleep etc.

At Work English
This App must be helpful for new emigrants, who has difficulties with English and at the same time are looking for jobs. For me personally lessons are too easy, but I still want to make them all. 95% success is making me more confident and I'm still learning rest 5%.

Word Search
Word Search is a game. You have board full of letters and you should find hidden words. This is also nice way to give brain some work and learn new words and right spellings.

There are even more dictionaries available.


GoodReads offers iPhone users free version of their website. Just visit the site from your phone and add it to your home screen.

Kobo is well designed online library, where you can download and read many books for free. Others you can buy and read if you like. Many are sceptical, about reading on screen, but my experience says, I can do it and it's even easier than holding a gigantic book in a public transport e.g. Farther more, I don't need even to care for bookmarks. Next time when I open the screen-book, it will take me to the place, where I stopped reading. magical.

Stanza is very similar with Kobo. It has many libraries and you can search each one for a book of your interest. This one is similarly good, only reason I use Kobo more often, is a design. There are also many other book-apps, but I find that Kobo offers me more than I can read in this one life. By the way, don't forget, that there are also real libraries and they have sometimes literature, which can't be found online yet.


Touch Poet is box of with loading/falling words. You are incouraged to make a poetry, play with words, load more words, remove others and ... you can share your results on social networks if you like. I can't say anythig about my poetry, but I could build some weird/funny phrases.

Band is fun as well, with different instruments and record possibilities, but sience I have my own piano, I don't really care for it as much. It became only a tool to entertain kids and let them have some fun.

Driving test is my next project. Thats why I found App for G1 test as well.

Flickit Pro seems nice, but I haven't used it yet.

OC transpo on home screen should be usuful, but I never look in it. I know a bus will come and I can't do anything about "when".

If you search App Store for Georgian and then for Tbilisi, you will find something to the topic. Not very promising? There are only few apps right now. They are useful for them, who needs it (guide for underground system, Dictionaries, City guides etc.). I'm sure our developers soon will update more valuable apps. But sadly, there is no Georgian keyboard yet available.

Finally, show me your apps and I will tell you who you are :) ;) kidding, but we can try.


  1. Wow, I can't believe how many there are... Crazy! I only have an Ipod nano so unfortunately, none I can use.

  2. Hi Khatia,

    Wow! You are organized--right now, anyway! ;) I've had my iPod Touch for about 18 months or so, and it's filling up fast, so many new applications every day. Here are a few that I have a hard time living without:

    1) Read It Later: There's a free and a paid app for this. What it does is, when you are on Twitter or Safari etc. and you see an article you want to read, but you don't want to do it now, you can send the link to this app and download it. Then even when you have no wi-fi connection, you can read it at your convenience. It helps loads when you are on Twitter--take a peak, save it, then go back to your Twitter feed. There's also a competitor for it; I've forgotten the name, but it has its fans as well, so look at both.

    2) Free RSS (there's a paid version as well): You can add your favorite feeds to this so you can get them when you are off the computer.

    3) DocumentsToGo: You can do Word & Excel documents on your iPod, and synch them to your desktop.

    4) Echofon Pro: Everyone has their favorite Twitter app, and this is my choice, because it gives you the 200 last tweets and lets you choose how to retweet.

    5) Birdbrain (small cost): Keeps track of your Twitter followers, unfollowers, mentions, retweets, etc. Dependable, unlike @unfollower

    6) Boxcar: Immediately tells you if someone retweeted, mentioned, or DMed you from Twitter.

    7) Good app versions are available for Wikipedia, IMDB, the New York Times, and the Weather Channel (worldwide).

    8) Classics: Something like Stanza but with several other books. I think it was $3.99 for a horde of books.

    9) Shakespeare: The complete, searchable works of Shakespeare--free!!

    10) Armenian apps. I've found a couple; one is the Armenian alphabet and another is Armenian Legends and Poems. Something else you can read without wi-fi!

    11) So much, much more. But check for museums: For instance, the Louvre has a very nice app, and the American Museum of Natural History has one on Dinosaurs.

    12) One more: Flashlight--very useful in reading menus in dark restaurants!


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