July 19, 2010

Make Sure You Are in Right Place

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Sorry for confusing title, but post is more about not feeling putted down, when your contract has not been renewed or you were not given a better position at work. Tips will not work as fast as Advil can stop our headache, but I will try.

Before I was feeling some kind of fear imagining my contract at work wouldn't be renewed. I couldn't imagine it wouldn't put me down, but now something is different. I have no fear and also no anger about decision makers about possible negative outcome for me. It's maybe only because of being almost sure, but I like to believe in "you never know", it makes me free from expectations and makes me clear where I stand rather then where I will.

So shortly, it seems there is a way not to feel down when you are not hired at work for a better position or your contract has not been renewed. How's that?

We are not born straight away in best jobs ever. During our career we accept different kind of jobs and positions for different reasons. Job you accept must be opportunity to achieve at least one short term goal. It makes one feel not so horrible to leave place, if he or she has accomplished something and can say that he achieved at least one of his short term goals and didn't waste time doing nothing.

Place where you work should support your professional development. Daily routine and easy/boring working hours are maybe not bad sometimes, but you need some work, which pushes you to learn more and to improve your skills and knowledge. If you are sent time after time to interesting workshops and seminars, great. Sad to leave such a place, but again, you gain something, your resume is now better then it was before.

Peace and respect at workplace
You shouldn't stay long where you are not respected and where you have no peace. I know, that some people don't want to appreciate and don't want to thank you for anything you do and try. Your confidence is endangered. Further, some find it entertaining to distract you all the time. It's time you start improving your conflict resolution skills, but don't stay if you can't change anything about it.
Here too, leaving place of gained friends is difficult, but you know friends can help at different stage of your life in different ways. Realizing, that you have to leave, where you kept yourself working with unkind people and had not positive days, makes you feel even worse.

Good Income
If other elements are missing, only good income is really nothing, but it can sometimes help you to balance and make better choice. At some place you wouldn't stay even if they would pay you in golds, but sometimes people who pay you less, respect you less too. So it always depends. Income is just supportive element and not the main element for you to make the right choice. However generally it's better to have earned something. Leaving with nothing in pocket, is harder.

I am probably missing many other elements and right now I am really in a hurry to place my conclusion here, but hopefully you don't mind posting additional interesting ideas and thoughts about the topic.

I think it's all about accomplishments we make and about our personal development. Of course it's sad to loose a good job, but loosing bad job is even worse. If you work and your job doesn't make you feel good, doesn't support your professional development, your colleagues don't treat you well etc. you do all for only future hopes. And if they don't realize? Then looking back will make all seem such a waste of time. Therefor if you want to feel better than feeling "even worse" choose a good job, that you think can contribute to your career somehow. Concentrate yourself on real achievements you make instead of focusing only on future hopes and promises. Check time after time list:
  • Did you achieve something?
  • Will your staying achieve at least one short term goal?
  • Does your job support your professional development?
  • Did you learn something, did you work on something interesting and helpful?
  • Are you respected and do you have peace at your workplace?
  • Do you earn?
If yes, then you don't loose much. Just make sure you are not missing greater oportunities, then everything is all right. And if you have to leave such a place, keep in mind, that you didn't loose, you gained and you can achieve with all even more.

In critical times everything seems black and white, calm down, keep your emotions out of your workplace (for your own sake). Important decisions should be made only after you feel better.

Wish you all luck and success in your careers.


  1. Nino GabetsadzeJuly 20, 2010

    I agree with all mentioned above and I keep thinking positive even I did not succeed in my previouse position. Respect and genuineness is all you need at your work place or everyday life. Thanks Khatia with this topic, I feel exactly the same what you wrote in it.

  2. Ketevan ChigogidzeJuly 22, 2010

    Focusing on our careers is important, but we must not forget about nurturing our souls! What I would suggest is to take one week off every year for yourself, like you take your car for servicing. During that time, align yourself with nature, wake up with the sunrise, do some exercise, eat proper food, (just as much food as necessary!) some yoga, and some breathing exercises, a few minutes of singing, and keeping silence, enjoying the creation. When we align ourselves with nature, our whole system gets recharged, it makes the whole year. We feel so vibrant and enthusiastic! Then not only our personal lives but also our professional lives blossom.


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