July 24, 2010

We Are Not Two Birds In One Cage

You look at some people's reactions and you will know somewhere deep they were made to believe, that woman belongs and serves her husband as a sock would and man belongs to a woman like a lipstick. No, we are breathing individuals with soul, with our own mind, with our own heart and our own wishes, dreams, passion, love, character, desires etc. We are not two birds in one cage.

No, marriage is not a prison, you once agreed to join and now have to keep belonging to each other as a stuff forever. Marriage is a union, where you want to have shared happiness, care that your spouse is happy, be willing to help in difficulties (just a reminder, that word difficulties means difficulties, that is sometimes painful and other times even more painful), help each other in developing as an individuals and as a couple. Life challenges us all the time, we must be able to overcome them together and prove, that we are able to be true friends...there is a way, open your mind or do you want to run from troubles alone? Your choice (Sometimes there is unfortunately no other way).

Marriage is great thing when it's viewed this way, but you can have of course other understanding. :)

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