July 4, 2010

Whom Does This E-mail Belong?

Some days ago I received on my Georgian blog (negative&weird) comment from a person from Government of ... How do I know that? Person left his office e-mail address which includes his full name and department he works in. Maybe somebody used his identity without his knowledge, but still this incident made me think if people are aware how much really office e-mail belongs to them.

Of course in everyday office life employer knows, that once or twice you use your e-mail for private matters. Nobody makes problem from it ...unless it becomes problem. What I mean is, you should be aware that it could be used against you any time. You probably signed, that you can't have guarantee of privacy on any e-mail used in office, that server can also register all your online activities.

In serious and strong organisations, departments, agencies etc. you receive e-mail address. Maybe you find it cooler to use it private too rather than your private e-mail ending with yahoo, gmail or something else. However you should have in mind policies you signed on about computer, internet and e-mail usage when you were given your business e-mail.

I don't know how exactly your agreement was formulated, but generally all agreements include, that you are suppose to use your e-mail only for business matters related to your job. As I said everybody has understanding, that sometimes family member may contact you or people write you about business and also private matters, but understanding has limits. I have no understanding for using office e-mail on forums, on blogs or leaving your office e-mail address elsewhere on the internet visible on the subject you were from your organization not permitted to.

Let's say in my case, it is now confusing, is it official view of Government of ... posted on my blog or does it belongs only to an e-mail holder? If I were mean, I could ask his employer about it. I could research if Government of ... is working on reviewing my blog? :) What I want to say is, congratulations you have a good job and you are proud of it. Therefor don't give a chance to "misfortune", because they happen even without you giving them extra support.

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