September 8, 2010

Quebec City & Whale Watching

I barely found I tour within Canada and I was glad being on the bus on my way to Quebec City.

The City first felt like another world, I speak no French and most of people there don't speak English. First anger got me, as I thought people were simply refusing to speak with me in English, but I calmed down within a minute. I have been often in a same situation in Ontario. I had to say "Sorry, I don't speak French" even though I wished I could. People in Quebec City did gave me smile and they did try to say "See you next time" in English and I started liking being there. I started to answer them with my French. ... A friendly smile and attitude make most beautiful places on earth.
After spending some time in the Quebec City, we went for a whale watching.

For some reason I thought I would be looking for only one whale, but I was wrong. There were plenty of Minke whales. It was overwhelming experience.

By the way, I must remember that "medium" meal is simply too much for me. I ate this poutine for two days. Medium Coffee is to big too. However, I can drink surprisingly lots of water. A waiter was probably tired rushing to our table every other minute with water, as I was very quick in emptying my glass. Sorry!

I am starting finding some history in words,names, places, images and I love how everything is connected, how everybody is contributing to this country.

I wish we will also have in Ottawa a street were painters will be selling their works. There is one such a street in Tbilisi too.

This last photo of whale is not mine. I was too busy in watching them. However I found a photo on the net very similar to what I have seen.

I had such a nice time there.

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  1. Yes it was ... actually I have very blurry memory about the names of places except Quebec city. Somehow focus was almost only on being close to nature. This goal was achieved :)


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