May 6, 2011

I miss blogging

Today I visited my blog and I couldn't believe what I saw ...No, nothing dramatic... actually depends on how you look at it: I have published only three posts since the new year 2011. Even though my full time job keeps me quite busy, I do get chance to write. Maybe cause my favorite medium of communication is everything that is about more writing and less speaking. But still, writing letters, constitutions, procedures or bulletins is quite different from writing a blog post for your personal blog.
I miss blogging so much... I hope you do remember me and wait for my posts :)


  1. We missed you too! Maybe you should try Tumblr? It seems your posts are short and sometimes include info from other sources, so perhaps Tumblr is a better option for you? Anyway, just a few words from across the ocean <3

  2. Thank you Adsineh, so nice of you.

    When I started this blog, my original idea was to write a lot. I guess it's really time to start using tumblr as it's way easier to use and faster to share links with your own comments. I would love to have all posts at one place, but they don't support import :/ What a coincident you mentioned it, I was myself thinking how to write more and was considering tumblr. Thanks :)


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