August 13, 2011

Getting back to normal

Once upon a time, I wrote a post about not feeling too bad if you were not hired and also what to consider as a good opportunity. Now I would like to write about importance of making a decision to resign (move on/free yourself).

Yes, world economy is going to hell, or that's what we are told. Yes, unemployment rates are high and finally yes, everyday via media we hear scary stories of businesses and government offices closing down. But do we have to live life of gladiators?

I am for hard work, I am for pushing limitations and learning new things, but ...We should not make our world fight field of working slaves. Of course, it's a little bit exaggerated; we live in modern world, where are no gladiators and slaves. We do have our human rights and workplace laws in place, but what about stress and exhaustion? If your work takes your whole day and makes you worry at night?

And if the position asks you too much, makes you different person, keeps you tight were you are and no longer offers you all the good stuff, think about it, you might just want to give up. Remember, it's you who defines who you are.

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