August 16, 2011

Justifying unjust

Today I decided to read and write more in legal field and since long time got back to my law books. I remembered I loved reading them, but was quite surprised really how much. First thought was to start thinking about justice itself. What is it and how we guarantee, that there's justice. Anyway, in the book I am reading, are many interesting thoughts and ideas. I am afraid I can't share them all here, but let's see this one:

"The big fish swallow the small ones, in the kingdom of animals as well as in that of men. But if a human fish, driven by his instincts, behaves in this way, he wishes to justify his behavior before himself as well as before society, to appease his conscience by the idea that his behavior in relation to his fellow man is right."
Hans Kelsen

Any famous samples of justifying unjust? Any thoughts you would like to share? And what do you think is just?

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