October 20, 2011

Georgia at a party

We talked about problems in Georgia. I do this often with my Georgian friends in hope of finding some kind of way or solution. I think I suck, but situation does too & I can't stop thinking about it.

No actually people are not the problem, it's poverty, no support from government; there's neither will to build public knowledge nor probobly any real possibility to help all.

Unemployment is huge issue (ca.50%). Not only there's lack of jobs, you can't find available ones if you speak your mother language only. Shame on Government and all the NGOs who 'want to help' people, but post job ads fully only in English. Imagine you are asked in your country to submit your application form all in chinese and you are not applying to work for chinese embassy. What is then status of Georgian language?

The livelyhood cost rise and is becoming more and more close to western standards, while salaries are not. We have McDonalds, that isn't cheap, but luxury in Georgia. Then many other wonderful products and ideas that we consume, but not produce. We are becaming consumer island, instead of becoming independend and prosperous country. I don't even want to touch the subject of debt. we have it a lot I guess and probonly mainly from the US. What's going to happen if times get tuff?

Justice is still an issue and I don't think democracy can exist in unequality. What about human rights? Humans with money have all rights (at least they can afford successful awareness campains), but poors have no access due to various obsticles.

Generation of our parents has failed due to bad choices such as going to wars. They did suffer too, but that's no help to anybody. Our generation... is lost in translation. Where are we? Everywhere. Now youth employee ministeriums and grandparents just wonder what 'unexplained and unclear' things are happening in the country.

I feel we are responsible to participate somehow and help our troubled society, but how...I will keep thinking. Don't party with me next time ;)

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