November 4, 2011

Reinstalling Windows

At some point you will need to reinstall your Windows. This post hopes, but can't guarantee, to help you with the process.

Before you reinstall 

  • Make sure all your files are saved on CD/DVD, USB, web or elsewhere. Photos can be uploaded to Picasa or Flickr while files can be stored on google doc. Take time to organize your files. 
  • Visit control panel and check the list of your current softwares. Make a list what you will need to install on your newer windows. 
  • Visit your browsers and make sure all important links are saved (diigo, or google bookmarks can help). 
While reinstalling windows

  • Think, do you want to have only C: partition on your computer or more for saving your files, for instance C and D. 
    • What's that? If you have two partitions C and D, then you can save all your files on D. Next time you need to reinstall your windows, you can just do it on C partition while the D will remain intact. 
    • You might need a little help from someone who knows how to create two or more partitions on your harddrive, it's easy. 
After reinstallation

  • Got new windows? Grab your list of programs and start installing them. You might need: 
    • Antivirus (AVG free antivirus is an option) 
    • Skype, gtalk or other messengers 
    • MS Office 
    • Evernote 
    • Program for your smartphone, reader, printer etc. 
    • Google Chrome or your other fav browser 
    • Consider creating more users (in control panel) if you are using your computer for different type of works. This way your files will be not mixed up and your browser and interface will remind you 'where' you are. Each user can have different skype running, wallpaper, browser and other programs. However, if you have no distinguished work, making different users makes no sense. 
    • Now get your browser and make sure your favorite browser is set as default. Some popular browsers are Google chrome, Mozilla, Opera, and Internet Explorer. Add some useful extensions or add-on to your browser. Some of them are: 
      • Evernote webclip 
      • Google dictionary 
      • Diigo 
      • Readability 
      • Read it later (Istapaper, diigo) 
      • In addition, put on your bookmark bar your top fav websites 
Hope you are ready to enjoy your computer and be productive! Good luck!

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