February 21, 2012

Great life

While painting my fancy lady in 2007, I knew nothing about Daisy and now, after reading the 'Great Gatsby', I have a name for her. I made this painting to express my cynicism about artificial 'coolness', 'enjoyment of living with brands and style'. Our actions/inactions make our style and define who we are, not the shoes from Gucci Armani. We need tools and products, I am not quite Gandi, but what impresses me and draws me to person is his/her heart and personality. I am so bored otherwise.

Back to the book, about the man, who comes from nowhere and wants to re-write his life. Class deferences are huge barriers, but Gatsby manages somehow quite a lot: impressive wealth and endless possibilities. That wasn't apperently his goal, but tool to get what he always wanted. Gatsby tryes to catch his not materialized dream as a promise that life is a fairy tail without loss and pain. instead of accepting the past, Gatsby tries to change his story, its characters, assign them different values, and make it even greater. All accomplished dreams in the book seem to be berried in money, rest are dumped on the valley of ashes.

What are your dreams? What are you going to sacrifice? It seems that nothing can change the fact that everything has its price, but we can only make decisions on what we want and which desires we better pass on.

I understand and like authors cynicism, confused by the 'greatness' of Gatsby, and thankful for wonderful time. Book offers so many interesting aspects for a discussion, and I would love to hear your ideas and discoveries.

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