February 14, 2012

Making your year's plan

I always create plans for the year for the case I keep surviving. To be honest, life never goes according to any master schedule, but you are not just floating on the waves when you have a goal and determination. While life is able to change settings (sometimes ironically), with your plan you still have a chance to get from A to B.

After rewriting for at least 12 times, my years agenda is ready. Difficulty was to draft a functional plan and not just one. Problem was too, that I have trillion interests and I do want to enjoy my work and all my hobbies. So how do you design your year's schedule?

  • Grab a list of your dreams :) Read over and archive those which ones make you laugh laud. Now from the goals that are left still on the list, which ones do you want to achieve? Time to prioritize. Consider also breaking your dreams into small pieces. Think of your dreams as your projects and steps that you need to make - as deliverables. 
  • Depends on how huge are your projects and how time investing the steps you require to take, but some projects can be accomplished within one month. Other's needed more time. In my case, so I wouldn't bore myself, I decided to work on two different things during each month, but not more. 
    • E.g. February: G2, taking program X.
    • September: Working on 2nd edition, studying Y.
  • Now you will need to translate your monthly plans into weekly realistic and workable schedule. Setting exact times didn't work well for me. Instead I like to have schedule where I know 2 hours need to be devoted to e.g. writing and 2 hours to learning driving. 
  • Following your agenda is more important than drafting one. In the beginning you can rewrite your plan, if you find it unrealistic. At some point though you need to choose one and stick to it. Set a timer and devote your hours getting closer to your dreams.
  • Note for workaholics: To make sure you are getting enough time for rest, choose a day and instead of listing tasks, draw sunshine, smiles and whatever else is really relaxing. I find it hard to do nothing but I am constantly improving and having fun.
How do you go through all the process? :)

Download template for weekly schedule.


  1. Ketevan NatsvlichviliDecember 05, 2012

    I really dislike doing this, but it is very very useful and necessary. Its been on my to do list for months :(

  2. Funny the timing of your comment, I was just comparing my dec 3, 2011 to Dec 3, 2012. And believe me I don't do it so often ;) I thought to check out what I planned and how I was doing. I had a feeling that I didn't achieve much. However, when I went through the list I made, I realized that a did a lot, even things that were not planned except one thing: visiting Georgia :) Means I still have dreams ;) :)

  3. Let's make soon our to-do lists for 2013 :) I already started to dream what I want to achieve :)

  4. Ketevan NatsvlichviliDecember 07, 2012

    That is great! I should do this too. Would you have a template?

  5. Ha ha, no template. I like though to clip the list on my board and I design each time whatever I like. Last time I used the mac's keypoints (included in the post). I no longer print weekly schedule now, it's in my iPad, but I love to have yearly goals on my board, to stay focused.


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