March 20, 2012

Cyclists from heaven?

I can't find on my computer a photo but please imagine the new green lane markings on the streets in Ottawa's downtown. They look like islands; end as quickly as they start. I guess project of the City of Ottawa had good intentions, but I wonder, how cyclists can get on those islands? Or how they can get out of there? Are cyclists now safer than before?

I like cycling and frequently used my bicycle in Germany, however, I didn't even think getting one here. Look at the traffic, we have no separate pathways for cyclists. I don't mind sharing the road, but I think we put them in a serious danger. Cycling must be fun in parks of Ottawa, but not on the well congested traffic roads. Therefore I don't understand why anyone would encourage cyclist taking the traffic roads.

It is unfortunate that the city is not as cyclist friendly as we would like. The City of Ottawa can definitely help in ways other than just painting green spots on the busy roads.

Your ideas are welcome here.

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