March 30, 2012

Making right decisions

I love this year. It is challenging, but I love difficulties, finding solutions and fixing things. Therefore all is exiting. My year's plan is going great. neither have I concurred any country, nor have I brought democracy or prosperity, but month by month my goals are accomplished and it is exiting.

By doing more than I previously targeted, I am always somehow under pressure. However I feel I am alive and I am going to prove that I CAN. I don't know why I have a desire to be hardworking and proving myself anything, but maybe I just waited for so long to be in charge of my life. When I set my goals for each month, I was not quite sure I would make it. I mean, this was the idea, but having tasks accomplished makes me feel like David the Builder ;)

Besides work I have some fun too. Not when some drivers cut me the road, but when I meet friend, read my books, paint and Recently I interviewed Juliette Giannesini. She makes wonderful photos, also in Ottawa and inspired me to grab camera and make some too. You are right, it will take time before I learn it, but's my elephant and you see it ;)

By the way, if you are lost in translation, you have to make a decision among different alternatives, choose the right path, that which makes you feel happy and relieved. To be honest, it might not be right, but that's what you want and no one knows what's right.

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