March 6, 2012

Six more years with Putin

Putin is elected 
Whether you like it or not, Russia has its new old leader - Vladimir Putin, who can rule Russia for the next six years. There are different reasons or combination of reasons why some leaders want to be in power, and no one can deny that Vladimir Putin's main motivation is accomplishment of his dear agenda.

Who is concerned? Almost everyone: East and West European countries, South Caucasus (Except Armenia), North America. Of course degree of concern varies from country to country. Yes, it is unbelievable that the same Chechnya that was destroyed by Putin has ‘voted’ in favor of him (99%), but truth is that leaders are seldom above average in post soviet union countries. Most of them adore glorious victories. Leaders give up on some votes simply to content western countries and make elections seem so democratic.

Some talk about two Russia, I guess to comfort themselves and hope, but look at history; it's up to you if you'd like to divide your mind.

What's next? 
Some newspapers rise the question, what his policies will be, and suggest to new President to improve democracy …What do they think drives Mr.Putin? I have no doubt about WHAT, but more about HOW he plans to achieve his goals. And I am sure he will be flexible and use any opportunity to succeed. Would it be easier by being Saint Putin, or maybe by being Iron Fist?

How to live with it 
Now, how to live with it? As probably expected, there were not many public congratulations to be found on western governments’ official websites and most newspapers had negative titles regarding Putin's come back. No one seems to be happy, but still not many leaders express their dislike openly. Georgia's President, Micheil Saakashvili however announced his believe that Russia has no future under the current leadership.

Georgia's President is more in a dialog with people in Georgia with his speeches, what's understandable, but ignoring existing power seems to me problematic. How is Georgia going to react and adapt to realities? Being a pain on Mr. Putin’s nose, even if whole world applauds, can be a dangerous thing. Is there a book on how to survive and win hearts of your enemies? We need it.


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