April 4, 2012

What makes you happy?

Sunshine, seeing cute kids, smiling people, hearing from friends and relatives, coming across smart squirrels, reading wonderful books, listening radio one - all makes me happy. But working for a good causes makes me even happier. It is FASCINATING how much people can achieve, when they have knowledge, willingness to learn and motivation to help.

At ABGEO International we, volunteers do quite a lot in our free time. We create awareness, that there are people of the Caucasus and that they need peace, colaboration and better opportunities of education. We build community and all are welcome: people of the Caucasus, friends and supporters. We interview interesting personalities and activists - all those, who care and contribute to the region. To remind ourselves and community why do we need to support peace and education in the Caucasus, we highlight troubling issues. These are sad stories, but they help us to change something. To those from the Caucasus, who would like to learn different language, or gain some useful skills, time after time we offer free online courses. Soon we would like to be able to launch 'Inspiring Stories of the Caucasus' and your support is very welcome.

Anyone, who would like to speak about an issue that is related to peace-building in the Caucasus, advancing education in all its regions equally, is welcome to submit a post. ABGEO International also welcomes volunteers and supporters. Our team members are incredible people and I enjoy working with them. It could be nothing, but now there's something, that can grow, evolve and make someone feel better. This is what makes me happier!

What makes YOU happy?

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