April 12, 2012

Your brain your universe

Mercedes-Benz, imagine that :)
When I started reading about brain hemispheres, I thought I would gain some practical inside. After reading 'The Brain that changes itself', few articles on the topic and having my quiz results (According to which I responded as a right brained person to 10 questions, and as a left brained person to 9 questions) I am wondering, now what? Does it explain something? me? Difference or similarities between me and you?

When we start being left or right brained and do we need to worry about it? Anyway, not all the differences in people can be explained with the argument of one dominating brain hemisphere. Age, gender, culture, religion, upbringing, education, maturity, external events, psychology - all play role. Truth is, we don't know much about the brain yet. It's like an universe on its own in our head.

Do you consider yourself as left or right brained? Why? Does this knowledge help you somehow? Do you strive to become more whole brained? Why?


  • Brain has two parts, but we don't have two different brains, only one.
  • Brain is not a machine. It has ability to change itself.

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