May 14, 2012

Google email peace

Since I created my first email in circa 1998, process of checking emails has evolved. In 90s I just needed to check it once a week, once a month would be OK too, but now I check my emails on a daily bases. Number of emails I receive from whole world has rapidly grown. And how long does it take to read them all everyday? It could take my whole day, but we get smarter too, right?

Create filters
Google has ability to prioritize your emails, but that's not smart enough for me. I work on different projects and there are many emails that are important, however, only on certain days. Creating labels and filters saves my day. E.g. I have 'toRead' label for those type of emails I just need to read for my information. We can let those emails skip the inbox and land in 'toRead' folder straight away. Why not to read them when we feel urgent need to be informed? 

For each project I have different folders/labels. I don't need to read important emails related to Project1 asap, but only on Mondays. Therefore they can land to Project1 label, skip inbox and appear in sidebar list only when new email has arrived. 

some folders in my email. enjoy გადაგრევენ ;)

All email I receive and I don't need to answer urgently can go to 'follow up' folder. I can replay everyone on one rainy and windy day. ...Even if my mailbox is full and there is a danger of mailbox-burst, I notice nothing and miss nothing that's important.

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