May 15, 2012

To be born free

I don't get philosophy behind money. Don't be alarmed, I do get what's making profit, but what is it for? Why do I have to invest my life's energy in something I don't really need in hope to get one day what I really want. What's, by the way, is anyway in nature - water and wonderful blue sky. What is the philosophy behind creating desires in people to have money? Many write songs and poems about how negatively money influences our lives, but can we have serious discussion about it? Oh, I am not going to start a revolution (especially not with having questions without answers;) ), but I should be allowed to question weirdest ever things. Is there alternative ways of living?

I feel I was born free with my dreams and desires and then someone decided I was suppose to be poor. There's money (with the head of the King on it) you 'absolutely need' to survive since the day you are born. And you are born into a cycle, where you have no time for dreams; First, you need to make money. But for what the hell do I need it?

If everyone needs money, those who have and control it, control your dreams and life. If in a society without money other values would influence decision making (good or bad), now it's so much about money. Whether it's legit lobbing, PR campaign or illegal corruption, money has so often last word. But does money care about your future? or will it be ashamed if economy crashes on your head? I don't think so. So why do we keep giving it so much importance in our life? If we had not enough worries, now I have to pray for economy so it does not get sick and tired of me :) When I hear in news cries to save economy, and how helpless  are people devastated, I wander what kind of Frankensteins we played and what type of monsters created. Isn't money there to create inequalities? Looks and walks like it (playing here with Elvis' song).

Jesus said give Caesar what belong to Caesar. I mean he really offered no solutions this regards, but possibility of creating your bubble world, where you have/exercise the right values and forget about the brutality of a real world. Simply, he said to obey the Caesar and give him what he is after and only care for your soul. To me it sound like just giving up, saying that this world can't be better, pray for better world in a paradise.

Lenin said that he wanted to help folk, but instead of changing whole idea of economy, he just saw the solution in collective ownership bundled with collective work and collective responsibility. Still, if it is money what rules, everyone wants to have more of it and things doesn't really work. Sorry, I lived in Soviet Union but never read Karl Marx. Later after soviet crash it was a sin to read it, but I might seek some advice from his books now. I don't care where good ideas come from, important is to find them.

So as you see, I never experienced different life and never heard about any alternatives. I think aboriginal people of Canada lived without money, but now not many can say for sure how that life was. I would like to learn though more about it. ...I am just wondering how it is to be born not poor but free.

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