May 21, 2012

Your horse is running like a drum

It's only abroad I heard about Shamil. Strange how little we learn in schools about the region we live in.

One day I discovered that Carleton University had a book about the end of the defence of the Caucasus. Even though book was huge and interesting, I am sure I still don't know all the engels of this story or all about Shamil. But I was inspired by him. I guess I am fascinated by heros. My favorite movie is 'brave heart' despite numerous valuable movies I watched on Gogi Gvakharia's and TVO's Saturday movie nights.

Shamil and the war for a defence of the Caucasus inspired me to compose this melodie. Anyone, able and willing to improve it, is welcome to contact me personally. As I said, I am full of ideas, but not an expert in everything.

Your horse is running like a dream, (or drum?)
You are defending who you are.
Your sky is blue and forest dark,
Your people know how to survive.

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