July 24, 2012

The hunger games

Khatia Caroline
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After watching the movie, I decided I had to read the book too. Few ideas made me think that the story had more to it than just hunting and gathering. And I was right. Reading 'The Hunger Games' was breathtaking. While I was reading journey of Katniss, I was telling my own story in my mind. We all have our purpose and mission in life, even if it becomes blurry in time.

The story setting is unreal. Players from the districts have to fight one another until there's one survival left alive. This way the Capitol wants to remind the districts that past rebellions will continue having consequences for them. Despite all, you can find the real world somehow reflected in the book: Different realms that exist in poor and reach people's lives, straggle for a survival, love, kindness, fashion, food, conflicting interests, conflicts, instinct, power of love and it's weaknesses, desire to support and so much more. I enjoyed the book and it's best book I've read so far. I am fascinated by the author. Not only is she interesting, it seems we share some common ideas and opinions on so many things. Many thanks to Suzanne Collins for this wonderful work!

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