September 14, 2012

Let's get serious about writing

If you'd like to write, you need to write. Even in my free time I had excuses like I have too busy life, I need to write emails, answer emails, check twitter, read #cdnpoli and #Caucasus, knit scarfs for upcoming winter etc. Result? My notebook was empty. I was procrastinating. My life is busy, but I don't have to hide in it. I needed to fight my tasks, get things done on time and then find time for writing too. I realized, it was now or never situation.

Now (free)writing is on my calendar, 20 minutes early in the morning and 20 min before going to bed. Once a week I take two hours for rewriting and editing. But I still needed to do few more things:

  • create a writing space
  • buy notebooks for different type of writing
  • improve my grammar
  • get a book on creative writing
  • and inspirations somewhere (art, books, nature etc)
Now I write a lot, and I am accomplishing something. I've only published one short story though.

What are you writing? How is your work going? Any suggestions you would like to share?

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